About Us

Penguin Petroleum Services (PPS) is an API certified engineering and manufacturing centre of excellence and a leading provider of fully integrated and innovative solutions to the Artificial lift and well completion segment of the Oil & Gas industry globally. Penguin’s manufacturing facility is certified to API Q1, API 5CT, 11AX, 11B, 11D1 & 19G1 for specific products as included in the respective API Monogram licenses.

Product Offering – Artificial Lift Solutions and Completion Tools

Artificial lift solutions offered by Penguin consist Side Pocket Gas Lift Mandrels to accommodate 1” & 1.5” flow control devices, Conventional gas lift mandrels, Subsurface rod pumps and accessories including Insert anchors, Gas anchors, On-off tools and the like. Based on customer requirements, Side Pocket Mandrels are offered in oval and round configurations, manufactured from AISI 4130, 13 Cr. and Super 13 Cr steel grades. With focus on modern completion technology, we offer a variety of completion products designed to enhance well performance and productivity in every application, simple to complex, reducing completion costs, increasing production, maximizing asset value and continuous improvement in service quality. Our completion tools are custom designed to meet specific wellbore and reservoir conditions which include single/tandem packer configurations, single and dual string completions as well as applications like multi-bore ESP packers for wells with varying pressure and temperature regimes. Our product offering also includes flow control accessories such as Landing nipples, Lock mandrels, Sliding sleeves, Cross Coupling Cable/Control Line Protectors (CCCPs), MLE Protectolizers, ESP centralizers and casing/tubing accessories as well.

Maximizing Value, Optimising Cost

With the unique and distinct quality and competitive advantage of having strategically located its manufacturing facilities in India, a fast transforming manufacturing powerhouse with burgeoning young workforce having high degree of manufacturing, engineering and bilingual skill levels, Penguin has established firm sourcing and manufacturing footprints ensuring greater reliability and resilience.

Penguin's manufacturing facility is strategically located, just few kilometres away from Mumbai International air-port and sea-port, augmenting its capability to deliver products to end users in the prolific oil producing regions of MENA and Asia Pacific in remarkably shorter times. This strategic location in the east west oceanic route thru Suez Canal significantly reduces distance between India and Europe and North America as well which optimizes Penguin's comparative advantages across operational locations, making distance and locations seem almost irrelevant.

Innovative Solutions – Integrated Products

We offer a broad spectrum of innovative artificial lift completion tools integrating turnkey product components into unified/assembled systems enabling Operators and Service providers to hook-up these systems seamlessly into the production string facilitating minimal assembly and testing on well location. These include ESP production packers, ESP Bypass (Y tool) systems with complete suite of mechanical tools, POD/ CAN systems, Auto-Flow Valves, ESP Check valves etc.

Domain Expertise

Penguin's upper management has several decades of domain experience in artificial lift, well completion, well diagnostics, and Early Production Facilities. Penguin's team consist veterans from the oil and gas industry which include artificial lift and well completion specialists as well machining and manufacturing experts, trained and experienced engineers from various engineering disciplines, all based out of their Global Delivery Centre in India, fully geared and equipped to service the Oil & Gas industry.


QMS & Certifications

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is accredited to ISO-9001-2015 and API Q1 quality standards. Our global delivery centre in India is accredited to use API product monograms 5CT, 11D1, 11AX, 11B & 19G1 for specific products as included in the respective API Monogram licenses.

Our engineering, manufacturing, design validation/testing facilities are world class and use best-in-class equipment and technology which enables us to deliver reliable products, designed and manufactured for assured performance in hostile wellbore environments.


Research & Development

Our pursuit is to improve the existing product quality and performance through continued research and development and to be innovative, driving new values and value streams as well transformation in products. Our goals are well defined for delivering functionally superior and value engineered products with sustained quality and to ensure minimal risk to customer operations and maintaining their asset integrity.